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Take a journey with me …

The EC&I 830 course has been quite a journey for me. In addition to being my first technology course, it was also my first synchronous online course. In this course, I found that the debates, the readings, and the blogs helped me to explore in detail the educational technology issues that we were presented with. … Continue reading

Whose childhood is it?

Photo Credit: KPhotography-video via Compfight cc In order to arrive at a conclusion to the question of whether social media is ruining childhood, it is important to consider two elements – is social media impacting children’s health and how do we define childhood. The first question can be answered by revisiting the 3rd debate about … Continue reading

Taima. Stop. No pictures please. Qujannamiik.

I found the topic of this debate to really strike home as it made me think of my experiences in Nunavut. Photo Credit: Martin Dixon via Compfight cc Every summer in Nunavut tourists pile off the cruise ships – we’ll okay we’re not talking hundreds of tourists, but enough to be noticed in communities with … Continue reading

Tek-naw-luh-gee? I heard that was unhealthy.

Photo Credit: The Vegan Taff Photography via Compfight cc Again I find myself on the fence for the debate of whether technology is making our kids unhealthy. While I want to pick a side and take a strong stance, I find that the arguments are strong on both sides of this debate. The agree team … Continue reading

Technology enhances learning…for some

Reading through the blogs of my classmates, such as those of Ashley and Elizabeth, it appears as though I am not the only one who finds that they are somewhere in between the Agree and Disagree sides. I find myself wanting to agree that technology enhances learning. However, my experiences working in the field of education in Nunavut, in … Continue reading

Hello from the land of the midnight sun!

Hello ECI830 classmates! My name is Ainsley. In 2007, my husband and I moved from the suburbs of Toronto to the high arctic – to a small and predominantly Inuit community on the northern tip of Baffin Island, in Nunavut, Canada. My background is in education. I taught at a high school in the “south” and since moving … Continue reading