An introduction

My name is Ainsley. In 2007, my husband and I moved to the high arctic – to a small and predominantly Inuit community on the northern tip of Baffin Island, in Nunavut, Canada.

My background is in education. I taught at a high school in the “south” and since moving north I’ve been involved with adult education. I worked for Nunavut Arctic College teaching the Nunavut Teacher Education Program which is delivered in partnership with the University of Regina and currently I work for Nunavut’s Department of Education in the Adult Learning division.

Much of our spare time is taken up by our dog team. Over the past nine years we have been building up a team of Inuit Sled dogs. We now have a team of nine dogs; each with its own personality and an endless amount of energy.  In addition to dog sledding, we also enjoy many other activities. With mountains, glaciers, fjords and the Arctic Ocean right out our back door, we spend a lot of time camping, backcountry and kite skiing, sea kayaking and exploring new places by snowmobile.


One thought on “An introduction

  1. Great introduction to your blog and beautiful photo of the two of you. This blog will be an amazing way to share your arctic journey with the world!

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