Take a journey with me …

The EC&I 830 course has been quite a journey for me. In addition to being my first technology course, it was also my first synchronous online course. In this course, I found that the debates, the readings, and the blogs helped me to explore in detail the educational technology issues that we were presented with. By delving into these issues I began to think about things that had never crossed my mind before. In the beginning, my view of technology – educational technology in particular – was simple. It was just something to be used with little or no attention being paid to the greater context in which that technology existed. A laptop, for example, was just a laptop.

As the course progressed, I was challenged to think about the issues and I began to see that technology exists in relation to the environments around it. With this understanding, my view began to expand out beyond the laptop to consider the bigger picture and how it interacts in a much larger context. I also came to the understanding that technology is neither good nor bad. It is just a tool and in order to use the tool in a meaningful and positive way, you must understand the landscape – the greater context in which that tool is being used.

Along this journey of understanding, seven key ideas stood out to me. In the following video I explain these key ideas by way of an analogy to dogsledding.

I know it’s been a busy semester and you are probably tired,


but just take this one last journey with me…

Thank you Alec, Katia and EC&I 830 classmates for being a part of this journey with me.


5 thoughts on “Take a journey with me …

  1. Great job Ainsley! I love that you mentioned that technology is neither good or bad, but rather a tool. I enjoyed seeing all your dogsled team pictures.

  2. You are absolutely right when you mention that we think of technology as a small piece, the laptop. The course has opened my eyes as well. I give you credit for the persistence using the software, I know the lengthily struggle. Great connection to dog sledding. You really out did yourself with the summary, bravo!!

  3. Wonderful comparison to dog sledding Ainsley. I really enjoyed reading your perspectives through your blog this semester. Enjoy your summer!

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