Power Outage in the North

Thursday night we were out playing rumoli and we came home to a house without power. This is not unusual here, so we lit some candles, grabbed a book and settled in. By morning we still had no power. Not only did this mean no electricity, it also meant no heat and no water. Luckily, it has been unseasonably warm (-20s instead of -40s), so the house had only dropped to 10C by morning. I got ready by candlelight and headed off to work. The college only had half power and by mid-morning we had lost all power. So we closed the building and everyone headed home. By now our house was 5C. We had been without electricity, heat and water for 11 hours. Our neighbours came by for a visit and we sat around in our jackets chatting, until deciding that we may as well be outside. Since we didn’t have any running water, we started up our snowmobiles and headed out on the sea ice to the iceberg that is frozen in the sea ice about 4 km from town.

There we easily chipped away at the iceberg and filled a container with chunks of iceberg ice. We had enough drinking water to last a couple days, so we headed home. When we arrived home we were excited to find that the power had been restored and we had running water again by 6pm. Power outages are always an adventure in the north!


3 thoughts on “Power Outage in the North

  1. Fascinating story! Loved how you made the best of a situation and turned it into an ice adventure with friends. These are the kind of blog entries that help the rest of the world understand the challenges AND the wonders of living in the north! Love the photos! I can’t wait to visit you in Pond Inlet! See you soon in Iqaluit. Your blog is awesome, Ainsley.

  2. Your story truly shares how you turned a situation into a wonderful northern experience on the land with friends. “Chipping away at an iceberg for chunks of iceberg ice” – love the way you write, Ainsley. Really appreciate the photos of a beautiful place (that I can’t wait to see someday)! See you soon in Iqaluit. ~Julie~

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