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Sawyer and his brother Jack are our youngest dogs – they are just over 1 year. These dogs were born on a small, uninhabited island. The musher that we got them from keeps his dogs on this island to roam free during the summer months. Due to their unique island beginning, Sawyer and Jack were named after the characters in the TV show Lost.  Our Jack is calm, confident and a natural leader. Sawyer is a little scattered, but he’s good at heart.

 Sawyer has a nervous personality and this nervous energy makes it very hard for him to stay still for any amount of time! When we first got him at 8 weeks, he was not used to being around humans and was very skittish. After a lot of time and work, he is now comfortable around us and trusts us. Although he still does not like to be mounted. When we put a harness the dogs we find it easiest to straddle the dog. Sawyer is not to keen on this; mostly because he has a hard time standing still. This fall I had a fun time trying to harness him for a run. I was straddling and trying to pull the harness over his head, but Sawyer kept trying to get out from under me. I tried to hold him in place by squeezing my legs around him. This lead him to start bucking like a horse to try and get me off him. So here I was trying to keep my feet on the ground, hold Sawyer in place and get the harness over his head and pull his legs through. It was quite comical and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Sawyer is a large dog, only slightly smaller than Spike; however, he lacks confidence and is nervous around the other dogs. He is still young though and we anticipate that his confidence will grow as he finds his place on the team. He’s just a big goof right now, but very cute and affectionate.


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