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Najak (pronounced: Nye-ya) is our youngest female. She is the sister of Spike and Gizmo. Her name means “sister of brother” in Inuktitut. Najak is our second fastest dog, although some days she can outrun Sakku. Najak has a very sweet personality, although she can be quite fiesty with our other females. She is always very excited and bouncy, and she can twist and contourt her body like her brother Gizmo. Najak loves to be our little helper and takes it upon herself to try and chase stray dogs away from our team. She enjoys this chase and by the end of it she tries to intice the stray dog to play with her.

We always have to keep an eye on her when we’re going dog sledding because she loves to chew her harness. She is so efficient at this that if you take your eyes off her for only a couple minutes, she will have chewed through some part of the harness, rendering it useless. We’ve already had to repair 3 harnesses and I’m sure they won’t be the last! Normally we harness all the dogs, set up the lines on the sled and then bring the dogs over to the sled one at a time, and get them to do down. This can take quite a while; it all depends on how well the dogs comply with the “down, stay” command. Now, we leave Najak to the end and put her harness on just before we bring her to the sled. Lucky for us she is the only one of our dogs with this habit.


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