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Jack, and his brother Sawyer, are very closely related to Aklaq and Nuna. The musher that we got Jack and Sawyer from was the same guy that gave us Aklaq and Nuna. This musher had his dogs out on an uninhabited island and that summer there were 2 litters. One litter was from Aklaq and Nuna’s father and their aunt. The other litter was from their father and their aunt’s daughter. Both litters ended up being looked after by the aunt. We aren’t exactly sure if Jack and Sawyer are from the same litter or if one is from the aunt’s litter and the other is from her daughter’s litter. There was always a size difference between Jack and Sawyer, so we think there’s a chance that they were from the different litters, but raised together.

Jack is a calm dog and even though he was not exposed to humans early on, he quickly became very comfortable around us and is now one of our biggest sucks. He has a big bearly-like head, similar to Aklaq’s, and loves being close to us, but is not pushy. He listens very well and reacts quickly to subtle non-verbal commands.

As a puppy, he very quickly learned what “bedtime” meant and as soon as he heard the word, no matter where he was, he would throw himself down to the ground and turn into a big floppy rag-doll. He knew exactly how to make it as difficult as possible to move him. He would lay there and wait for us to come and carry him to bed. Inuit Sled dogs are a stocky breed, much bulkier than Siberian huskies, so even as a puppy, it was a challenge to pick him up. I wonder if he would still turn into a floppy rag-doll at the mention of the word “bedtime”. I’ll have to try it sometime and see!


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