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Spike is by far our largest dog, weighing in at 110 lbs. We call him our gentle giant. When he was little he would always charge at us and at the last second jump up, turn his body perpendicular to us and give us a body check before landing at our feet for a pet. Knowing that this would not be so cute when he got bigger and that a body check from him could send me flying, we quickly corrected this behaviour. Sometimes he forgets and comes barreling at us, but with a subtle hand gesture we can remind him and he always manages to stop just short of ramming into us and instead he throws himself to the ground and waits for us to pet him. I think that some of the other dogs are nervous around him because he is so much larger than them and sometimes he ends up body checking them if he’s not looking where he’s running. When this happens to Sakku, our smallest dog, she goes flying! Spike is trying to find his place on the team. He would like to be the boss dog and constantly challenges Yogi, which seems to result in his being ostracized by the other male dogs when they run. We’re struggling with how to fix this situation. In the meantime, he’s content to hang around the humans and his buddy, Aklaq.     

He is a calm dog with a huge head that loves nothing more than pets and being brushed. We got Spike along with his brother, Gizmo, and his sister, Najak. He and his brother were always getting into mischief and fighting each other, so we named them after the Gremlins.


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