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Sakku is an Inuktitut word meaning “bullet”. We called our fourth dog this because she is such a fast runner – fast like a bullet. Sakku is our smallest dog and she is Yogi’s sister. Like her brother, she is an extremely high energy dog. This energy is amazing for pulling the sled. She will run and pull with all her might and never quit.

For some reason, Sakku has an obsession with licking our faces. We’re not sure where this comes from because we’ve always discouraged it. We have seen some pretty amazing maneuvers from her as she tries to get at our faces. She has jumped over another dog, flown through the air in front of us and turned her head at the last second in the hopes of landing her tongue on our face as she passes by in mid air. I’ve received one black eye from this maneuver of hers when she misjudged the distance and her nose caught me right under the eye. It’s always fun trying to explain where a black eye came from!!


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