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Gizmo was named after the protagonist in the Gremlins movie. He and his brother, Spike, were always at odds with each other as puppies. He is large in size (especially his head), but not nearly as large as his brother. Gizmo is an extremely “bendy” dog and he can contort his body into ridiculous poses. He has a bad habit of sneaking up behind you and “yelling” into your ear if you are not paying attention to him. When he does get pets he would sit for hours and have you pet the sides of his face. A few times he’s almost fallen asleep while we do this and then he’ll open his eyes and slowly inch out his tongue, hoping that we won’t notice and he’ll get to slap a big wet kiss on us – at -45C it’s not fun to have your exposed skin get wet, since it freezes almost instantly.  

He spends a lot of time sucking up to Yogi and he fancies himself the second in command among the dogs, although this would be news to them! This is quite comical because he is the biggest goof. Gizmo is very playful and he enjoys playing with his sister, Najak.


One thought on “Gizmo

  1. What characters you have – such individual personalities! A kiss at -45? Hilarious. Your photos tell their own stories – such fun to view and I think your blog is SO fantastic!

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